Shipping to Amazon FBA


Shipping to FBA

VIPUTRANS has a dedicated team with extensive knowledge and experience of Fba Delivery. Fba fulfillment supplier ship your goods to US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, UK, Southern America and more by sea, air and rail door to door. VIPUTRANS handle your shipping cargo safely and promptly at the most competitive prices.


What makes us different?

• Door to door shipping to Amazon FBA, Personal address, and oversea warehouse by sea freight, air freight, express from China with competitive price and stable space.

• Online cargo tracking.

• VIPUTRANS Collect goods from different suppliers and consolidate in warehouse for one shipment output.

• Value-added service include packing, repacking, labeling, palletize, label stick, quality inspection, kits assembly.

• Customs declaration on both sides,prepare demanded export&import declaration document.

• Paying customs on Amazon Shipments

• Fast Transit times

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