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VIPUTRNAS is China's leading provider of supply chain service, covering product kitting assembly, warehousing management, order fulfillment, logistics transport and value-added service,Source, Store, Pack and ship directly from China to the world.

Warehouse Storage

VIPUTRANS provides efficient logistics warehouse in China to the world with modern warehouse management system. In partnership with top manufacturing and distribution companies, we ensure offer ecommerce warehouse system to check your cargo and fulfillment delivery to the worldwide timely that make e-business possible. We offer the rent warehouse China service ln Guangzhou, Shenzhen, zhongshan, Zhuhai,Shanghai,Yiwu and so on.

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Warehouse Consolidation

China Warehousing Consolidation

Small, flexible shipments in – Large, economical shipments out!

What is consolidation warehousing? A form of warehousing that pulls together small shipments from a number of suppliers in the same geographical area and combines them into larger, more economical, shipping loads intended for the same area

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We Streamline Warehousing Services For You

●  Inventory management and control

●  Order processing, inbound and outbound

●  Consolidation cargo and Deconsolidation cargo

●  Road/Truck transportation

●  Inspect Cargo /Quality Control

●  Pick and Packing Pack

●  Marking & Labeling and Bar-coding

●  Sea/Air freight forwarding/Railway

●  Import/export declaration

●  Bonded Warehousing Warehouses

●  Repacking & Kitting and other value-added services

●  Cross-docking / Flow distribution




Warehouse Oder Fulfillment Service


VIPUTRANS is providing one-stop warehousing fulfilment solutions to your consumers directly.
VIPUTRANS is committed to make your business easier.
E-commercial Fulfillment service, engaged in Pickup, Inspection, Storage, Assembling, Kitting ,Packaging, Your Logo ,Labeling, Take photos and Ship to the world.

Just ask your suppliers in China to send goods to our fulfillment warehouse. Distribution services customization will group and store products from various suppliers, Free for 30 days. You are hassle-free to check inventory status via our leading-edge warehouse management system.
Our China distribution solutions ensure your products arrive in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price.

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Kitting & Assembly


• Customized assembly and kitting service designed for your packing product

• Combine multiple products into single package or Kits

• Cheap generic Package material to save your money, various packaging options. Porous paper, liners, corrugated cardboard,         paperboard, vacuum, blister packs, displays, multi-packs, clamshell packaging, overwrap packaging, shrink wrap, cellophane wrapping, bubble wrapping, promotional packaging, etc.

• VIPUTRAN kitting and assembly services standardize your packaging. For specific kits, you can create the most cost-effective packages for particular orders; this not only saves money, but also allows for generating brand awareness by creating a specific package with your company’s name and logo on it. When people see those packages, they’ll know who it’s coming from, improving your reputation.

• Quality testing and inspection before product is packaged


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Small Parcel Post Shipping

Parcel delivery supplier carry of all your small parcel shipments all over the world, order from your online store and connect to our small parcel IT system to delivery parcel one by one to your terminal customers from our fulfillment warehousing center around China.

With so much data to account for, small parcel shipping can come with big challenges. We understand these needs and can provide you with a single point of contact to help you translate them into solutions:


• Create a small parcel post shipping strategy that works in tandem with truckload, LTL, and any other mix of modes you use.

• Optimize transit times, carrier service levels, and contracts through our modeling and analysis capabilities.

• Provide various packing material, label sticker, kitting assembly etc value-added service.  

• Build a holistic approach to small parcel, whether you’re looking for a full outsource, transactional, or consultative support.

• Free 30days warehouse storage fee

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Door to Door Delivery


VIPUTRANS provide door to door delivery freight forwarding in China to USA Canada Australia Europe UAE Canada Japan Australia and the world, a highly freight forwarding solution. Door to door delivery is most of all convenience and speed of the process.

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Custom Door To Door Shipping services include:

• Cargo pickup and delivery round the rock
• Cargo insurance, door to door storage
• Document support for cargo export and import
• Multimodal transport service-rail, truck, air and sea
• Customs clearance at airport, railway station or port of destination and truck delivery service to the final customers’ door
• Warehousing & Distribution of cargo


We take charge your shipment at source and deliver it to the final destination required,
Whether an individual’s home, company address or warehouse. This service is available for any size consignment that needs delivering between any destinations in the world.

Custom door to door shipping service covers all freight forwarding requirements, taking charge of the consignment at point of origin; preparing and processing all necessary paperwork; professionally packaging the goods for safe and secure transit, transport the cargo to the port /station / airport departure point and overseeing the loading process; supervising unloading at destination port/airport/station and managing the paperwork and administrative details to ensure prompt customs clearance; organizing delivery to the consignment’s final destination.


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